University of Teacher Education NMS Bern

Welcome at PH NMS Bern!

The University of Teacher Education NMS Bern (PH NMS Bern) is an institute for teacher education in Bern, Switzerland. It is part of the NMS Bern, a private educational institution founded in 1851. The NMS Bern comprises several departments: a kindergarten (age: 5 to 6 years), a primary school (age: 7 to 12 years), a secondary school (age: 13 to 15 years), and two different types of baccalaureat schools ('Gymnasien', 15 to 18 years), plus the above-mentioned University of Teacher Education.

The University of Teacher Education NMS Bern offers educational research and development as well as continuing education, with the main aim of training and qualifying teachers for primary school level.

After three years of studies, successful students are awarded a 'Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education NMS Bern' together with a state diploma allowing the graduates to teach from kindergarten (pre-school) to the end of primary school (6th grade) throughout Switzerland.  During these three years, students are trained in all relevant subjects (12 in total) as well as being introduced to educational and social sciences. Internships in primary schools and kindergarten accompany their course of studies from the first semester onwards.

With approximately 250 students, the institute is the largest department of the NMS. It is almost completely state-funded (about 24'000 CHF per student per year); in addition, students pay a fee of about 1'700 Swiss francs per year. The University of Teacher Education NMS Bern works in close collaboration with the public University of Teacher Education in Bern.

The University of Teacher Education NMS Bern has partnerships with 'Capital Normal University Beijing', 'Teacher Training College Machinga'  with the 'Kirchliche pädagogische Hochschule Edith Stein' in Austria, and with the University of Teacher Education in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.